Frank's Cross Assemblers

These cross assemblers come as DOS/Windows/Linux executable -- sorry, no source available.

Common Features

  • fast two-pass assembly.
  • supports binary, s-records or intel-hex output file formats.
  • optionally generates debug information file.
  • three segments (code, data, bss) for ROM-based programs.
  • 'struct' keyword for easy declarations.
  • instruction cycle count in listing.
  • full conditional assembly.
  • C-style expressions, accept base 2...36, using either %, $ and 0x prefixes or <base>#<value> format, 32-bit calculations.
  • full macro capability.
  • runs under MS-DOS 3.x+, Windows and Linux x86.

New in version [1.42]

  • Fixed add hl,iy bug in as80.
  • Now align does nothing when already aligned.

New in version [1.42]

  • Fixed source file apparent trunctation at 8KB that happens under Win32.

New in version [1.40]

  • Several bug fixes
  • Windows command-line and Linux versions included

New in version [1.32]

  • Fixed bug with long filenames when running under WinNT.
  • Fixed bug in reading lines without linefeed at end-of-file.


These assemblers are released under the MIT License.


  • AS02 [1.42] Assembler for M6800/6801/6802/6803 microprocessor.
  • AS05 [1.42] Assembler for M6805 microprocessor.
  • AS09 [1.42] Assembler for M6809/H6309 microprocessor.
  • AS48 [1.42] Assembler for i8048/49/50 microprocessor.
  • AS65 [1.42] Assembler for R6502/65SC02 microprocessor.
  • AS80 [1.42] Assembler for i8080-Z180 microprocessor.
  • READDBG Sample code to read debug information files.

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